50 VR Headsets (ClassVR) in education for nature conservation and environmental protection

Reading about the rainforest can be interesting. But meeting a jaguar while hiking the Amazon brings those words to life. And although memorizing the stages of photosynthesis could mean a good test grade, diving inside a leaf to view the process firsthand will spark a future scientist.

 Innovation backed by technology underpins all our nonprofit activities. We are taking each opportunity to use modern technology to promote social change with the overall goal to support environmental protection efforts and promote eco-tourism in DR Congo.

 For its tropical forest, our country the DRC is known as a lung of the World, the Congolese forest plays a vital role in maintaining the global balance of ecosystems. Due to lack of education and awareness on the importance of trees and forests, the Congolese forest is disappearing at an alarming rate.

On this rate, that forest will disappear at the end of the century, this will
have serious consequences on the global balance of ecosystems.

 We believe that delivering essential technologies and reliable climate information to millions of children in DR Congo is at the heart of how Groupe Utalii Kwetu nonprofit can help address the crisis.

 Through Program Utalii Kwetu, we are providing an immersive education
experience that engages learners in 25 primary schools in DR Congo using
Virtual Reality.

We are thus expanding lessons beyond our books on nature conservation—and outside classroom walls. Providing a seamless combination of scholastic materials leveraging cutting technology to spark next environmentalists.

Enhancing and extending the learning experience is what Virtual Reality can offer students, and is possibly one of the most powerful of all technologies that could help change how we learn about nature conservation and environmental protection.

 We are now using only one VR headset reaching more than 6000, this comes with way too much difficulties to share only one headset with such an amount of children.

Thanks to a partnership with Avantis Systems, an organization making ClassVR, the only VR/AR headset made for education, we plan to acquire 50 VR/AR headsets that could allow an entire class use VR at the same time.

 One ClassVR costs 500 USD. We count on your generous donation to leverage technology to invest in these children who will protect and preserve our forests.

1 VR headset out of 50