2 000 000 children with books on environmental protection and tourism by the end of 2023

Much of society in DR Congo is not aware of the importance of conserving natural heritage. The anthropocentric vision on which development as conceived generally has been based has isolated us from nature. As a species we have tended to believe ourselves superior to what surrounds us, considering the planet and the other species that inhabit it as simple resources to exploit to keep growing and developing. That situation is leading us towards an environmental and climate crisis that is already beginning to show itself and that we will have to face in the immediate future.

Like Nelson Mandela, we believe that education is the greatest weapon we can use to change the world, reason why education remains our core approach to achieving our nonprofit goal. This goal is channeled through one of our programs named: Programme Utalii Kwetu and aims to reach 2 000 000 kids with books on tourism, nature conservation and environmental protection.

The goal of the campaign is to leverage education to foster more favourable attitudes towards Virunga National Park management system and make possible a continuing conservation of natural resources in the oldest and most bio diverse national park on the continent of Africa.

We believe that conservation education will provide authentic opportunities for learning and give our children, leaders of tomorrow, an opportunity to connect with the nature around them in a meaningful way.

In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.

Baba Dioum

Conserve means to be able to live, since all species play a fundamental role in maintaining a balance on which we depend to live. The loss of just one species may lead to serious alterations on that balance that are impossible to foresee.

Three books have been designed based on the DRC’s primary school curricular and are approved by education officials to be used in primary schools in Eastern Congo.

They target all the six grades of primary school of the DR Congo. Each book comes in two versions: the “student manual” version which is based on the case method way of teaching with lots of image illustrations allowing the schoolkid to assimilate the knwoledge as included in the teacher’s guide. The latter takes up the methodological approach to be followed to properly transmit the material included in the student’s book.

These books are:

Découverte du milieu

At the low level

élève explorateur

At the intermediate level

A moi le tourisme

At the high level

how to support our efforts

Support a student: If you want to support a student, a book costs $10, it may seem small but it means a lot for a child who will have his education improved and oriented towards global emergencies, among other things environmental protection.

 Support a class: A class has an average of 50 students, which will cost $500 to buy 10 books for a class.

 Support a school: A school has about 500 schools, if you are keen to impact an entire school, all you need to do is make a generous donation of US$5000.

 Educate to be able to conserve, conserve to be able to live.

6157 children reached with our books out of 2000000