Disbursement of books on nature conservation and environmental protection to 25 schools in Eastern Congo

As part of the pilot phase of “Programme Utalii Kwetu” funded by the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Embassy in the DRC, a total of 6,175 pupils in the 1st and 2nd grades and 75 teachers were equipped with our books entitled “Découverte du milieu: student book and teachers’ guides”. The books not only introduce the notions on school tourism, nature conservation and environmental protection to the schoolchildren of today and citizen (leader) of tomorrow, but also introduce the courses of entrepreneurship and leadership at the elementary level of primary school in eastern Congo hit by unemployment and a blatant lack of leadership.


For the director of EP KAYANJA, a school ravaged by the recent eruption of the Nyiragongo Volcano which took place exactly a year ago:

These scholastic materials will greatly help our school, a school that lost everything during the recent volcanic eruption.

"They will allow us to make these children who are direct neighbors of Virunga National Park, true protectors of this protected area, a world heritage

He added

The distribution of teaching materials took place after a series of trainings targeting the 75 teachers of the 25 targeted schools, 9 itinerant inspectors and 9 teaching advisers.

This program spearheading ecotourism in Virunga National Park has since its inauguration received the support of the provincial government thanks to a promise from HE Mr Vice-Governor Major-General Romy EKUKA who has promised an unequivocal support from the under State of Siege provincial Government. The program also aligns with the aims of the National Committee on “school tourism” implemented in 2020 by the national government.

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